go within

People meditate for different reasons: to find more calm and peace, freedom from anxiety and stress, greater clarity and awareness. Whatever your personal motivation is for meditating, you can experience benefits and change quickly with the Gourasana Meditation Practice.

Most of us find it difficult to sit quietly in meditation because we are trying to go within on top of a bundle of stress, frustration, anxiety, fear, and other emotions. The Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP) is a more active type of meditation, using music, movement of the body, and other techniques to help you clear out stress, tension, and emotions so that you can find true calm within.

Once you are in this deep, calm space, you can then practice meditative thinking – which leads to clarity and concrete answers to questions you have about your life.

Anyone can practice this meditation, whether you are a beginner or have experience with other meditations. This practice can also complement and enhance whatever other spiritual practices you currently have.