questions & answers

Do I have to sit quietly or sit in a certain position to meditate properly?
No. The GMP is an active practice. Although you may at times feel like sitting quietly during meditation, this will happen naturally and won’t be forced. At times you may want to move – maybe dance or pace – before you can even begin to sit still. You will discover a flow and a pull from within that you learn to trust and follow. There is no certain postion to be in; or one way to position yourself. This meditation teaches you to trust within and from there you move and change as you are guided from within.

Why is desire a part of this meditation? I thought the goal of meditation was to transcend all desires.
Regardless of spiritual orientation, what everyone has in common when engaging in any spiritual practice – chanting, meditating, praying – is a desire for advancement. It can be desire for clarity, truth, depth, direction, calm, love, solutions, etc.

Desire is the force that motivates us to do anything, even to want to meditate in the first place. The reasons we meditate are personal. But without desire we would not seek what it is we want from meditation and often it is a type of fulfillment of some kind. Getting in touch with your desire will help to propel you to go further within in your meditations. Desire is a force, an energy, that moves us. One of the most important things to meditate on is “What is my desire?“

The state of desirelessness that so many religions talk about is a high spiritual state and can be acheived naturally through meditations like the GMP and other practices. It is not a state that can be acheived however by repressing or denying feelings and emotions that are within.

How do I deal with my mind constantly chattering in meditation?
This meditation practice is designed to help you release stress, tension, anxiety, and negative emotions on a deep level. Once these emotions have been released, most people experience a natural calm. The mind is naturally quieter without the pull of disturbed emotions that want to be felt and expressed.

The mind is always thinking. That is its job. During meditation you learn that you can let your thoughts be there but not engage with or pay attention to them. You actually learn to go beyond the mind and trust a truer, deeper part of yourself.

As you practice the GMP, you will gain more control of your mind and the ability to calm the mind. It takes practice. However, it is not the purpose of this meditation to try to stop the mind.